Peter Bloom

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Instructional Designer, E-Learning Developer,
Facilitator, and Coach

Here is an example of my work:

Storyline (2018)

Introduction to Pediatric Oncology and Introduction to Clinical Abstraction (MP4)  – This hour-long video shows how these two courses are presented in the LMS and then demonstrates each course. The only audio you hear is from the course itself; there is no other narration.

Objectives for both courses are in Moodle. The first module of Pediatric Oncology has rich interactivity. There is an noteworthy interaction teaching imaging with sliders that begins at 08:00.

Module 1 Lesson 3 What is Cancer? – At 12:47, this lesson is one of the best examples of a lesson for this course. In later modules, the information is more dense and there is less animation. 

The data abstraction course begins at 41:21. The initial modules are less dense than some of Pediatric Oncology. 

Assessment module starts at 57:18.  The Learner abstracts data in medical records and from the records into forms. 

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